New Structures/Additions

Building a new stone patio, installing new limestone balusters, or installing brick veneer on a brick structure. We can support nearly any new home or small business structure. 
We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for
masonry. We respect and preserve as much of any original structure as possible. When adding to or maintaining an existing structure, it's important that the new structure, brick, or mortar match as near perfectly as possible to the existing structure. We specialize in brick, stone and mortar match.

Restoration Philosophy

‣   Brick and Block Construction

‣   Paving

‣   Stone Entryways

‣   Masonry Rebuilds

‣   Tuck Pointing

‣   Fireplaces and Chimneys

​​‣   Brick Veneer

Our Services


Brick  stone  paving  Tuckpointing


​Anything from tuck pointing, acid wash, sealing, to replacing loose or damaged brick. Matching or duplicating almost any brick, stone, or mortar color, so you can be sure that your structure maintains its beauty and durability.